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Welcome to our classroom eLearning homepage.  On the right, you will see a link to each of our eLearning days.  Each link contains the checklist for the day. Every lesson and assignment can now be found online. The children will have their checklist, as well as every instructional video sent to their Seesaw notifications. Additionally, all assignments are electronic, and are pushed out as Seesaw activities. The children will also need to access Kids A-Z or Epic for their reading assignments.


eLearning Day 1 Read Aloud part 1

Good Morning! When you're ready for snack time, this is part one of our read aloud!

eLearning Read Aloud Day 1 part 2

I hope you enjoy the end of our One Book, One School book The One & Only Ivan!!

eLearning Read Aloud Day 2

Did you know Mo Willems is hosting a Doodling party every day at noon? (Is that 12:00 am? or 12:00 pm? Be sure you tell someone at home!) You can access Mo Willems' Lunch Doodles via The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Go to kennedy-center.org to find a link for Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems. Or go to youtube.com and search Mo Willems, his Lunch Doodles links will pop right up. I hope you have fun with Mo Willems!!

eLearning Day 3 & Videos

Good Morning Families,
You'll notice that our morning meeting & read aloud are not posted here today.  It takes an hour to upload our 3.5 minute morning meeting here, and less than 5 minutes to upload it to our Seesaw announcement page.  I'll no longer be posting videos here (unless I find another way to post).  Waiting an hour to post is silly.
It looks like everyone is accessing every announcement via Seesaw, so all videos will be posted there.
Math lessons will begin after spring break.  All of these lessons will be sent via our Seesaw announcement page:
Tuesday, March 31- Measurement
Wednesday, April 1- Geometry: Plane Shapes (2D)
Friday, April 2- Geometry: Solid Figures (3D)
Thanks for all your hard work & reach out at any time!

video text

I was able to disable the text from printing as a caption at the bottom of the videos.  So that's a huge plus!  The text was created automatically, and it was frequently wrong, missing, or misspelled.